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FXPLib, the platform game programming library

FXPLib is a two dimensional game programming library writen in C, under the free (as in freedom) licence GNU GPLv3, that works under GNU/Linux and Microsoft® Windows™.

Its features are :

  • Easy implementation via objects and callback signals
  • Graphics engine based on SDL (OpenGL planned)

  • (planned) Physics engine based on OpenDynamicsEngine (ODE)
  • (planned) Sounds engine based on OpenAL
  • (planned) Network engine based on HawkNL
  • (planned) XML configuration file management using libxml2
  • (planned) Data management using a simple language : FXPQuest
FXPLib is a young project, the first release has not been done yet.
We are looking for developers to improve the project.
For more informations about how to contribute, go to "Contribute".

FXPLib is firstly developed as the engine for the online RPG Final Experience 2, main project of Poupoule Studios.
It permit to create any other game however.

This library aspire to be as general as possible while remaining easy to use for the programmer, through the use of easy to handle objects.

It simplify and generalize the mechanisms of various libraries, SDL for displaying, ODE for the physics, libxml2 for databases... to standardize their use.

With it, we can easily realize any two dimensional game and make our own universe with the help of an interpreted language made especially for the library : FXPQ (Final Experience Quest).

This language permit to create events, quests, NPCs (non playable characters in role-playing games), monsters, weapons... and organize them in a database.

A tutorial (actually uncomplete) about the creation of a video game with FXPQ is available in the «Tutorials» part.

Whether you are a good programmer or only an amateur, this library allow you to easily realize the game of your dreams. We wish you a good visit of this website and a pleasant reading of the documentation !